Hello There Marketing Diplomat

We are an engineering focused organization. We value product over preach, and believe that the value we provide to our users is our greatest marketing tactic. We are a WOM company after all!

As such, you should head over to the Ambassador wiki if you haven't already. Pay extra close attention to the issues section. If something is confusing or too technical, don't worry we are here for you, just grab a fellow diplomat and ask them to explain things in greater detail.

How the Marketing process Works

Since we are a product first organization, the marketing team strives to adapt our processes to be as familiar to a product diplomat as possible. That's why we use Trello to document all of our marketing processes. It is the most similar to emulate the Kanban style of project management that the dev team uses with Huboard.


Not worth seeing, but Jeff Goldblum is amazing

V 0.1

In order to know where we are, it's important to know where we came from. The previous iteration of the 'Marketing Issues' board was structured exactly the same as the product team's issues in GitHub, and therefore, Huboard. Trello was broken out into the following lists, from left to right and used the same system as the product team:

  • 0 - Strategy
  • 1 - Inbox
  • 2 - Spec
  • 3 - Ready
  • 4 - ToDo
  • 5 - Doing
  • 6 - Waiting
  • 7 - QA development
  • 8 - QA Live
  • 9 - Live

Any new card would be created in 1 - inbox. If it was high-level/broad brush stroke it would get moved to the left and placed in 0 - strategy. Otherwise the card would progress through the remaining stages from left to right until ending up in the 9 - live list.

Only that's not how it actually worked.

What works well for the product team as they build out new features doesn't necessarily make sense for the marketing team. This is especially true for recurring tasks that need taken care of every week or two. This meant that a lot of cards started in 4 - ToDo, and then were getting passed from left, to right, to left again between 4 - ToDo, 5 - Doing, 6 - waiting, and then eventually straight to 9 - Live. Any card that ended up < 3 - Ready was doomed to fade into the sunset.

V 1.0

In January 2014, Ambassador switched to an OKR system. OKR stands for Objectives and Key Results. It is another system that was more designed for Product teams, but can still work well with marketing (even though our objective is just moar leads).

Objectives exhibit the Doppler effect and are defined in time-based increments, becoming increasingly more precise as they approach present day. Key Results are specific, measurable metrics proving that to active the objective.

Once Ambassador moved to an OKR system it made sense to transition the Marketing trello board to fit in more organically with the OKR method of project management, with lists becoming more and more specific as they approach present day. The marketing OKR board is now broken into the following lists:

  • Someday
  • Next Sprint
  • This Sprint
  • This Week
  • Tomorrow
  • Today
  • Doing
  • Done

You can quickly see that the Marketing OKR board also exhibits the Doppler effect, and gets more specific the closer tasks get as they approach Doing. Big ideas get placed in Someday and bites of them get placed into each specific sprint list. At the end of each sprint, a new list is created to the right of Someday and to the left of Next Sprint, and Next Sprint turns into This Sprint.

It's the marketing circle of life

Trello allows Checklist items to spin up into their own cards, which is a great way to think about objectives and key results. Each large objective may have smaller key results, yet when you zoom in on those scopes, they may look like objectives with their own key results.

The Marketing OKR board maintains the same labels as the old Marketing Issues board:

  • Green/Enhancement
  • Yellow/SEO
  • Orange/Analytics
  • Red/Bug
  • Purple/SEM
  • Blue/Social Media or Mail

Choose the right label depending on the the scope of the project.

Don't assign cards to anybody but yourself. If you need somebodies help with the card feel free to @mention them. If you are looking for a new task, drag one down from the This Week or This Sprint board, drop it in Today, and assign it to yourself. Don't forget to mention them in Standup!

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