Such a living creature. A single piece of finished content can illicit a completely different response in each of us. It can remind us of a particular moment of accomplishment, or an embarrassing moment at school.

But first it needs to be planted. And watered. And sowed. Only then can you harvest the knowledge trapped between the pixels that are trapped between the words, that are trapped between the sentences and the paragraphs and the thoughts.

The field where that nurturing takes place is very close. In fact, it is only a single click away, in the nearby land of Trello.

By now you should be familiar with the way we manage the lifecycles. Content is no different. It starts as a pitch, and ends as a published post (and perhaps a person getting paid). Like all of our Trello lifecycle boards, Content progresses accross lists left to right.


  • Pitch - If you have any ideas for content to write dump them here! Or actually, dump them anywhere. For example an idea for a blog post may start on the Marketing OKRs board. No worries, just move it to Pitch.
  • Assigned - Who is going to write this post? Has it been assigned to a freelancer already, or is there somebody specifically internally that is going to take it? Great! It belongs in the Assigned list.
  • In Progress - Once you start writing something, or if a freelancer is writing something, it is in progress.
  • Draft - If a draft has been completed for a piece of content and it is awaiting review, drag it here. When you start reviewing it..
  • Review - Once you start reviewing a piece of content put it here. Keep it here until you have sent revisions to the author. If it is a piece of content that you are writing, leave it here until you have received comments or edits.
  • Revising - Once edits have been sent to a post author it is safe to assume that the post is currently in revision. If you are currently revising a post put it here as well.
  • Scheduled - After a post has been revised and approved, it is time to schedule it. Move the post to scheduled, but you aren't done yet. If a post is in the scheduled list, assign a tentative due date inside Trello.
  • Published - After a post has been published, drop it here, and then archive it during the next Sprint Standup.
  • Not Doing - Some ideas don't make it past pitch. Some, like a soggy firework, start to takeoff but fizzle out and change trajectory from launch to tumult.


I mentioned the cornucopia of produce that lives, is grown and harvested on the product lifecycle board, but the product lifecycle board is more than just a land of the living.

There are also ghosts.

Like peanut butter needs jelly, like macaroni needs cheese, so too does a post need an author. Some of those authors are formal members of the Ambassador family, while others may not be.

If you are a formal member of the Ambassador family, feel free to grab a post down from the pitch category at any time, and assign it to yourself.

Non-family members get posts assigned to them. Well... sort of. External family members are the ghosts that I mentioned earlier. They are just fake Trello accounts that I created to maintain order, and structure. Everything should be magnetized. Atoms pointed in the same direction.


Content cards should be labeled to indicate their final destination, and article format.

  • Blue/Internal - These posts are destined for the Ambassador Blog
  • Green/External - These posts are destined to be posted elsewhere, outside of the Ambassador blog. There are a lot of places these could go such as

  • Purple/Interview - These are for interviews with SMEs in the social media, word-of-mouth, 'growth-hacking', or digital marketing space. They can be either Internal or External
  • Yellow/Case Study - these are for articles or resources that should be included in our resource download center.
  • Orange/Press Release - These are for press releases for product updates etc...
  • Red/Video - This is for video content production.

Most of the articles will have a combination of either Internal/External and possibly Interview.


A neat feature of Trello is the ability to toggle the calendar view, to see what is coming up for the month. Calendar is a Trello power up and should be turned on by default. To toggle calendar view, click on the calendar icon in the upper right-hand corner.

This will show you at a glance what posts are currently scheduled and when they are scheduled. Typically the middle of the week is the best time to post, so schedule the meatiest content for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

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