Welcome to Draft. If you are reading this, you should already have a mild familiarity with Draft.

Draft is a slick writing tool with a large number of features. Head on over to their documentation and take a look. I'll wait. Draft uses the markdown formatting language. Markdown is easy to learn and is much friendlier to write in than raw html. Get started learning Markdown.

We primarily use draft for two features:

Writing and Revising Articles

Draft's revision control features provide a solid and consistent framework for managing and editing articles from a number of sources.

When working with freelancers it is common to receive drafts in any number of formats, including .doc, .docx, .rtf, and any number of others. This can make the process of commenting and providing feedback difficult.

This can create some minor challenges with the onboarding process, so it is best to include a getting started guide.

As a Wiki

Draft allows for the ability to share folders. Because of the easy version control, and the use of Markdown draft provides a community editable location for the marketing to share and collaborate on process documents.

Since the files are already created in Markdown it is extremely easy to export the files to Dropbox, and therefor leanpub, for creating ebooks.

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